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Altering the Response

Sometimes you'll want to change the response just before it gets served, for example, to add a header or alter a cookie.

To do this, simply declare a function parameter with a type of HttpResponse:

from django.http import HttpRequest, HttpResponse

def feed_cookiemonster(request: HttpRequest, response: HttpResponse):
    # Set a cookie.
    response.set_cookie("cookie", "delicious")
    # Set a header.
    response["X-Cookiemonster"] = "blue"
    return {"cookiemonster_happy": True}

Temporal response object

This response object is used for the base of all responses built by Django Ninja, including error responses. This object is not used if a Django HttpResponse object is returned directly by an operation.

Obviously this response object won't contain the content yet, but it does have the content_type set (but you probably don't want to be changing it).

The status_code will get overridden depending on the return value (200 by default, or the status code if a two-part tuple is returned).

Changing the base response object

You can alter this temporal response object by overriding the NinjaAPI.create_temporal_response method.

    def create_temporal_response(self, request: HttpRequest) -> HttpResponse:
        response = super().create_temporal_response(request)
        # Do your magic here...
        return response